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Our Firm

Our commitment is to you, the client. This sounds simple and obvious, but in practice this takes dedication. 

Bergsteins is a law firm in Toronto, Ontario, Canada.  At Bergsteins, our commitment is to you, the client.  This sounds simple and obvious, but in practice this takes dedication.  It means that whatever you need, you will receive, from being accessible when you need us to explaining things in clear and understandable language.  We are here for you.

Our clients come to us because they recognize that they don’t have to pay large firm prices to get the experience they need to handle their legal issues effectively and efficiently.  Cost effectiveness is one of our main goals, as we offer variable fees, flat rates and flexible payment options.  Also, we utilize clerks and agents wherever possible to keep your costs down. 

We understand that the solicitor-client relationship is all about trust.  That is why we honour our relationship with each and every client by ensuring that trust is the foundation on which all of our services are provided.  Contact us today to learn how Bergsteins can help you.

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